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I appreciate your interest in my blog. I am an educator, counselor and healer talking about ADHD, Aspergers and anxiety DIFFERENTLY.

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I hope for a world where: (the words of teens and adults on 9/11/11)





There is an equal opportunity for education

People have compassion for their neighbors near and far

All peoples loving one another

More people open up to learning about others who are different

True peace and healing among the nations

We emphasize the pursuit of happiness

We are all united and equal

We are all treated equally

We can all just get along – World Peace

All Children have an opportunity to receive a quality education – no child left behind

There would be no achievement gaps

Everyone would be able and ready to attend a college or university upon graduating high school

College will be affordable for all students and jobs will be available post graduation.

There will be no discrimination in the workplace based on gender/sex, race, socioeconomic status, religion, culture, or sexual orientation.

There will be world peace and unity amongst our neighbors and love for all.

Teamwork makes the Dream work!

Race is not the first thing we notice

Justice is a given every day for everyone.

Peace is everywhere

Injustice is never met with apathy

Everyone around the world can join as one!

Peace and understanding are universal priorities

Everyone has the courage to be who they really are

There is true equality

We realize we already have what we need to succeed, realizing we are made for goodness

Service to others is common,

There is only love

Social justice is the number one priority


No one is discriminated against or picked on

Everyone is loved

Peace happens

Nobody is hated for being different

There are no phonies

There is no racism

Everyone gets along and there is peace on earth

There is no war

There is no poverty

Everything is peaceful

Everyone cares

Everyone is happy

There will be peace and freedom

No one is made fun of

There are no racial, social or economic blocks

Everyone is understood

There is equality and peace

There is peace, no racism and love

Not everything is a competition

People put in effort because they want to, not because they are trying to outdo anyone

People don’t take things for granted

Where everyone is brilliant

There is peace, love and happiness

Everyone can set aside their difference and be equal

Utopia exists

Nobody is judged by anything except their personality

Everyone cares about and for everyone else


Like I just helped a lot!

Good – giving back to the community and helping others

Very very helpful and happy

Good about helping others

Like my life is worth something

Amazing!!  I love to volunteer

Like my life has more meaning than just its own

Like an important part of my community




Like I am doing a good thing for my community


Better about myself!!

Good about myself




Like I just changed something


Like I can make a difference

Great because I’m helping others


Nice and helpful


Useful, important, helpful.

I cannot describe this wonderful feeling no matter how hard I try


That one person can make a difference

I can do things

We are one

That everyday there is a chance to help out, even in small ways

Volunteering is awesome!!

That I can make a difference

That those from other faiths might not be so different after all

People care

What’s important in life!

Helping the community is so much fun

That we can come together as a community

That I can make a difference in someone else’s life

Every minute of helping counts

That it is fun to meet new people and it helps

That everyone can make a different

That I am doing the right thing

That living in a diverse world, we can all come together to work as one and for the greater good

That although we are all different, we all want the same things

That there are good people out there.

That anyone can help!!



Everyone has similar struggles even though we all have different backgrounds

Even though everyone is different, we are all very similar

Everyone is different, but we can all be friends,

9/11 brings us together as a nation to learn about each other’s differences and love everyone

We all have our differences

Don’t judge a person before you know him

People are different and they are like a book with many different obstacles

Everyone is different to make each one special

9/11 isn’t just a day to remember those that died.  It’s another chance to make a positive difference in our world.

We are not as different as we think we are

We may not feel it, but we are very lucky

9/11 does not just have to be a day of mourning, it can be a day for constructive things as well.  I have been inspired to help the community.

We are all the same in different ways.

That there are many people from different schools and communities that volunteered today.

Don’t put people into stereotypes if you don’t know them.

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Reducing Stress and Anxiety (or Breath, Shoulders, Relaxation)

As a counselor, I help people to reframe their experiences and to learn how to de-stress. A favorite is to help people to realize that their greatest techniques are with them at all times: Breath, Relaxation, Shoulders.

The trick to reducing your stress or anxiety is to stay in the present. Focusing on your breath will do just that. Though we pride ourselves on multi-tasking, in the brain one thing happens at a time. If you focus on your breath, you can’t focus on the thoughts. Try it: observe the movement of your breath. Watch the rise and fall of your chest/abdomen. Notice how each inhalation moves them away from your spine and the exhalation moves the chest and abdomen in once again. Don’t change the breath, just observe. Be the witness. Now allow your focus to follow the air as it passes into the nostril. Where on the skin do you feel it? And as you exhale where is it felt now? Now lengthen the breath. (Not deep breaths, long breaths.) Have you noticed that as you become the observer of the nuances of your breath that thoughts discontinued, pain and discomfort reduced or stopped, and peace has been glimpsed? NICE JOB!

Another tool that is with you all the time: Shoulders/Relaxation.

Step 1: When you become stressed or anxious the body tenses up. Take a focused, intentional long breath and allow your shoulders to drop away from your ears on the exhalation. Do it again.

Step 2: Now bring awareness to the muscles on each body part: ‘I relax my toes and feet, I relax my ankles and calves, I relax my knees and thighs, I relax my hips and waist. My lower body is beautifully relaxed from my waist to my toe tips.’ Now draw that relaxation up into the spine on the next inhalation. ‘I relax my lower back, middle back, upper back. I relax my shoulders and draw the relaxation down my arms thru my elbows to my fingertips. I relax the smaller vertebrae of my neck. I relax my jaw, teeth, gums, tongue, lips. I relax my cheeks, my nose, my eyes, my forehead and my temples. This beautiful body is wonderfully relaxed from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Each breath brings me relaxation, peace and health.’

Each of these techniques can be done anytime, anywhere, seated or standing. While the effects are strongest when eyes are closed, they can also be done with eyes open: at the dining table, boardroom, classroom; in a crowded, noisy room; when confronted by a colleague, boss, family member, stranger.

Ease is with you every day. It was within you all along.

CDIf you liked that relaxation, I have a professionally recorded meditation (with the addition of a chakra balance). It is available for purchase at my website:

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I am very excited to begin this blog. I will be posting thoughts, articles and tips that relate to “different” learners. I am especially drawn to students (as well as adults) who have been identified as having anxiety, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, autism, etc. Don’t let yourself be restricted by limiting terminology such as: disability, disorder, deficit, etc). Consider them shortcuts for information. I encourage parents, educators and society to accept people for who they are and focus on their gifts.

Additionally, I hope to use this blog to share information related to spiritual ideas that I read or receive.

I’m so excited to have you along for the journey and look forward to your comments.

To get you started, I hope that you will read an article I wrote around Y2K (January 2000) when people were frightened that the world would undergo a frightening change. It’s called Spiritual Evolution: Walking Our Path Together (just click on the article title for access).

Interestingly, the concepts discussed in this article closely relate to current concerns of people today as we head into 2012. I do believe that change is at hand, but again I don’t believe it is in the form a cataclysm; rather we are moving even further into our evolutionary consciousness. I am intrigued and excited.

After reading, I hope that you will share….What happens when you “step forward and listen? What does your Internal Wisdom say?”